Enjoy relaxation in Recknitztal Hotel MV

Massages at the hotel in Marlow

“We recommend relaxation in our spacious sauna area with mood shower when the weather’s bad or after day spent in the great outdoors. Enjoy an exceptional transformational massage or beauty treatment. Active recreation and informal socialising await you in our modern bowling facility with two bowling alleys.”  

Massages at the hotel in Marlow

Transformational massages

It has long been known that humans emit vibrations. These unique massages work with a very high vibration, which is transferred to the person. A high vibration always balances out a low vibration, creating a feeling of deep joy and serenity. The massages activate self-healing powers and have been proven to strengthen the aura and chakras.

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Massages at the hotel in Marlow

Face massage

Our face is one of the body’s reflexology zones, which reflects the body as a whole. Positive massage effects: Stimulation of the entire body through the reflexology zones on the face and ears, natural facelift – smooths skin, the person starts to glow from within.

Lasts approx. 45 minutes – EUR 45.00


Foot reflexology massage

The foot’s individual reflexology zones are assigned to specific organs. It is therefore possible to influence the respective organ by massaging the corresponding foot reflexology zone – in other words, to influence it positively and thus alleviate illnesses.


Relaxing massage

The effect lies above all in the deep calm and relaxation produced by the massage, and not just on a physical level.


Transformational massage

This massage is excellent for supporting physical as well as psychological issues in their transformation. These massages can be personally individually tailored to the client’s needs and can include full-body, back, foot, abdominal and facial massages, depending on how long the massage lasts.


5-elements massage

This massage with the corresponding intentions is mainly about opening the heart and the path to your own greatness and light. Feeling and appreciating yourself again and recognising your own path is the aim of this treatment. A special experience due to the inclusion of the 5 elements and the associated Platonic bodies and their transforming effect.


Combined massage

This massage is a combination of the 5-elements massage and the transformational massage. It is particularly effective because it addresses two issues.


Special massage

Everything is included in this massage. Selection of a massage for the back (transforming, 5-elements or relaxing)

  • Face and head massage
  • Décolleté, arms and hands
  • Abdominal massage
  • Legs as well as feet
Whirlpool Wellness

Beauty treatments

Our skin is not only our largest organ, it is also a mirror of our soul. Environmental influences, nutrition, stress and mental strain all have an impact on our skin’s appearance. Take time for yourself and let our beautician advise you. Enhance your well-being with a professional beauty treatment.

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Whirlpool Wellness

Magic of Venus

Basic treatment for cleansing your skin With this basic facial, we place special emphasis on cleansing and deep cleansing the skin followed by a thorough skin type diagnosis beforehand. Afterwards you are treated to a short relaxing massage and a soothing face mask. Then you can return to the day refreshed.

Approx. 60 minutes, EUR 59.00


“Basics” for special occasions

Day make-up EUR 12.00
Evening make-up EUR 21.00
Bridal make-up EUR 45.00
(including trial make-up and consultation)
Eyebrow shaping & tinting EUR 9.00
Eyelash tinting EUR 6.00
Complete design EUR 12.00


Hair removal

Upper lip area EUR 12.00
Underarms EUR 18.00
Half-leg EUR 26.00
Full-leg EUR 36.00
Back or chest EUR 32.00


Décolleté treatment

You will receive a sea salt scrub, an ampoule concentrate and a final massage to moisturise and firm your décolleté. The contours appear smoother and younger.

Approx. 30 minutes, EUR 39.00


Lymphatic drainage

Do you have bags under your eyes? Your facial skin is swollen and thicker in some areas? Medical lymphatic drainage gets lymphatic congestion and waste products moving and restores the lymph’s natural flow.

Approx. 45 minutes, EUR 49.00


Open Sesame

Our special offer for couples: For her: a facial treatment with clarifying cleansing mask followed by ozone steaming, then deep cleansing and eyebrow shape with eyelash tint, followed by a relaxing and stimulating face massage followed by a collagen mask to firm your skin. For him: a cleansing facial treatment with a relaxing massage and vitality mask, with hand massage and moisturising while the mask is on.

For 2 people: approx. 120 minutes, EUR 109.00


The Goddess of Beauty – Aphrodite

Let us pamper you to make your stay at our hotel a special experience: Personalised beauty treatment based on the elements earth, air, water and fire Your comprehensive pampering treatment includes a gentle scrub, deep cleansing of your skin, an ampoule to suit your skin’s needs and a luxury nourishing pack for your face and décolleté. You will then receive a relaxing massage for your face, décolleté and neck, as well as eyelash and eyebrow shape and tint. If you like, our beauty experts will apply a light day make-up – feel like the goddess Aphrodite once did after this holistic beauty treatment.
EARTH element – for constancy, endurance and stability, moisturises dry and flaky skin.
AIR element – for movement, lightness and freedom, soothes sensitive and irritated skin.
WATER element – for flow and cleansing as well as clarifying, hydrates dry skin that feels tight.
FIRE element – for change and vitality, THE anti-ageing treatment for your skin.
Approx. 90 minutes, EUR 79.00
This treatment is carried out after appropriate diagnosis according to your skin type and condition.


In the Realm of the Sultan

Starting with an invigorating scrub, followed by deep cleansing and eyebrow shape, a relaxing face, neck and head massage, followed by a nourishing face pack. You enjoy a soothing hand massage with extra moisuturising for your hands while the mask is on.

Approx. 60 minutes, EUR 69.00


50Plus offer

Combine relaxation and care with our special 50Plus offer: For her: A facial with revitalising care as well as intensive cleansing, eyebrow shape and tint, an ampoule to firm and perfectly nourish your skin and a relaxing face massage. Finally, we pamper you with a luxury face pack and a light day make-up. For him: Enjoy a comprehensive pedicure including a relaxing massage and moisturising cream.
For 1 person:     Approx.   60 minutes,   EUR 69.00
For 2 people: Approx. 120 minutes, EUR 119.00

Sauna relaxation room


For your well-being and relaxation, you can use our sauna area with Finnish sauna, dry sauna, steam bath, mood showers, whirlpool for couples and a spacious relaxation area.

Sauna relaxation room
Bowling players hotel in mv


You will not only be “bowled over” here, but can also get a strike. As we have a beautifully designed 2-lane bowling facility from the Spellmann company for you at the hotel. The unique AIR-Brush wall decoration with motifs of the Recknitz Valley particularly impresses our guests not only in the daylight version, but also in black light. Makes an ideal change or is the perfect conclusion to a strenuous day. You are welcome to book the lanes through reception.

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Bowling players hotel in mv

These prices are per lane and hour:

Sundays to Thursdays:             EUR 16.00
Fridays and Saturdays:            EUR 20.00

It is possible to bowl with a maximum of 8 players per lane at the same time.


playground at the hotel playground at the hotel

Children’s playground

In the outdoor area of the Recknitztal Hotel there is a beautiful children’s playground and a 9-hole mini-golf course for families to pass the time. Use of the mini-golf course is free of charge.